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MARIA O SULLIVAN lactation consultant cork

When you need breastfeeding support, you need it fast. I've been supporting breastfeeding families for more than 15 years. My goal is arrive at your door within 24 hours of you contacting me. I am a fully qualified and insured lactation consultant in Cork. There is a solution and we'll find it together.

Because of my many years as a breastfeeding supporter, as well as a breastfeeding mother myself, I know that when breastfeeding issues arise, you need support and solutions fast. As a qualified IBCLC (that’s the gold standard of lactation consultants), I’m fully trained and insured to advise you. So, if you’re looking for a lactation consultant in Cork, I will be in your home within 24 hours.

Maria O'Sullivan, IBCLC

I provide a number of services for breastfeeding families.

My goal is to empower families to feed their child for as long as they wish to. And to help them find solutions to the various obstacles that can arise. 

I’m a fully qualified International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I also have a unique background in supporting hundreds of breastfeeding families as a La Leche League leader. And I deeply understand the worry that can arise from breastfeeding issues. That’s why I aim to see you within 24 hours. And usually sooner. 

I don’t expect a tidy house (I mentioned I’m a mother, right?!), a showered mammy, or a cup of tea. Before I visit you, you’ll fill out an intake form to so I can prepare for our appointment. And there’s nothing else you need to do; I’ll take it from there. 

Breastfeeding problems can make us feel vulnerable, anxious, powerless, exhausted and pained. So, my years of experience support breastfeeding mums, and being one, allows me to offer the gentle support that will help you reach your own breastfeeding goals. Whatever they may be. 

Book a home visit instantly.

My private breastfeeding classes are warm, fun, educational, and personalised to the audience. So, whether you would like a one-on-one session, a session for you and your partner, or an informal get together for you and your supporters (friends, grannies, mother-in-law), I’ve got you covered. 

Drop me a mail on for more info. 

I hold a breastfeeding clinic every Monday in Cork Therapy Rooms in Pope’s Quay. 

Consultations are available by appointment. Drop ins very welcome. And urgency with breastfeeding issues is something we completely understand. 

Clinic appointments last approx 90mins and include a full breastfeeding history, infant oral assessment and breastfeeding assessment. A feeding plan will be discussed and follow up phone support put in place.
Cost of a Clinic Consult- €100.

Some areas we can help you with;

– Latch & Positioning
– Sore Nipples, Flat/inverted nipples
– Supply issues
– Blocked Ducts/Mastitis
– Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
– Unhappy/fussy Baby
– Hand Expressing/Pumping- Manual & Electric
– Antenatal expression of colostrum
– Inducing lactation
– Chestfeeding
– Feeding Multiples
– Working & Breastfeeding
– Feeding beyond infancy
And much more.

If you’d like to arrange a video consultation, please email me at


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