Helpful resources and support

It takes a village to raise a child. And at times breastfeeding a child can take a lot of support. Some breastfeeding issues require the advice of a qualified lactation consultant like me. But other issues – such as social and emotional support – can benefit from less formal resources. Here’s a list of incredible supports available to breastfeeding families in Cork and beyond. The HSE pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding site. La Leche League Ireland leaders provide help and information to breastfeeding /chestfeeding families at their monthly meetings online and over the phone. and Cuidiu’s Voluntary Breastfeeding counsellors provide and run breastfeeding support meeting online and offer phone support.  Friends of Breastfeeding is a voluntary organisation which runs mother-to-mother breastfeeding support groups online and a Breastfeeding Buddy scheme in some areas. The Association of Lactation Consultants of Ireland website, which has a directory of IBCLCs in private practice.

Image credit; Newborn being breast-fed at home by Paulo Sousa from Noun Project