Frequently Asked Questions about your Appointment with your lactation consultant


It’s quite normal to feel a little apprehensive about lactation consultant appointments. I’m a lactation consultant in Cork and I offer virtual lactation consultations that anyone can book. So, wherever you are in the world, or your breastfeeding journey, I can help you.

Below are some answer to frequently asked questions about a lactation consultation with me. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

How do I prepare for a home visit?

I often get asked the question of what should I do to prepare for my home visit. Should I wait to feed, my baby is the first question many parents ask. 

The ideal situation when I arrive in your home would be a settled, awake, slightly hungry baby. It will give us some time to work through some questions you have and for me to get a picture of how your baby has been feeding in the last 24hrs. We will then know what the main breastfeeding issues are.

If I arrive and your baby has needed to feed, don’t worry! A stressed and hungry baby won’t be the most cooperative so feed your baby but try to give a short feed. That’s the beauty of booking a home visit we have up to 2 hrs, and most babies will feed again within that time frame. 

Following your appointment, I will upload a written care plan for you to view anytime in the parent portal and follow up with a ph call at your convenience two days later. 

I will also stay in touch by text or email for 2 wks support. 

You can read more about your first lactation consultation here

What is your qualification?

I am an international board-certified lactation consultant which is the highest level one can obtain in Lactation support. As an IBCLC I can help resolve the most complex of lactation and breastfeeding challenges which include low and over supply oral restrictions and latching and attaching difficulties. 

What areas do you cover in cork?

I offer home visits in cork city and county home visits over an hour drive may be subject to mileage fee which will be additional costs to the visit. I also offer virtual appointments. 

I am having trouble feeding my baby. how many appointments will it take to deal with the issues?

Breastfeeding challenges are unique to each family, so it’s impossible to predict how many appointments you will need. I provide a very personalised service with a care plan for each family and follow-up contact for two weeks. Because I know that cost can be a barrier to many families I offer online visits at a reduced rate (compared to in-person visits) if that is more suited to your needs. 

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact me directly.



Image credit; Mother reads and breast feeds by Paulo Sousa from Noun Project