Why book a breastfeeding consultation with an IBCLC?
breastfeeding consultation


Why book a breastfeeding consultation with an IBCLC? In a world of blog posts, forums, and general information overload, a lactation consultant offers continuity of care, reliable evidence-based advice, and the feeling of being truly heard. We have so much information at our fingertips. We can look up any topic online and get hundreds of suggestions within minutes. The answers to all our questions on breastfeeding can be found on so many websites like kellymom.com LLL international.com laleche.org.uk cuidiu.com to name a few. We also have so many IBCLCS who have so much fantastic information on so many Breastfeeding topics from prenatal to newborn to natural term breastfeeding. We have blogs, YouTube videos links to videos all over the world, Instagram and Facebook. 

We have Facebook groups for newborns, weaning, back to work, tandem feeding and natural term breastfeeding to name but a few. We can get and receive so much information and support, we can ask our questions share our worries and be reassured that all is good, this will pass, it’s completely normal, you doing great etc.

So why would you hire or book an IBCLC …well it’s all about the individual care .we can provide a consultation that is specifically tailored to meet our clients individual needs and Breastfeeding history. Your personal history provides us with so many answers to where you are at, to how you got there and how we can work together to create a plan to solve your breastfeeding issues. The beauty of a breastfeeding consultation, a 1 to 1, is that my focus is on you and your baby. It’s really about taking that deep dive into the issues that are affecting your relationship, putting the puzzle pieces together to help you both back on the pathway to comfortable feeding with your baby. Sometimes you may need a more knowledgeable person to help you resolve an ongoing Breastfeeding issue. We can, of course, get many different answers online these responses can be coloured by our own breastfeeding experience, culture and background.

  When you book a consultation you get my time, experience and I am making a personal investment in your story. I will take the time to read your birth and breastfeeding history. yes, your birth story can tell me so much about what is going on today and what has led you to where you are right now. During our time together I will listen to your fears, challenges and your breastfeeding hopes and goals. I will watch you feed, looking at position, latch and attachment. I will assess your baby oral function in person or guide you on a virtual consultation. I will ask many questions to get to the root of the issue and I will encourage you to come with your questions too. We can look at many different questions on baby feeding, behaviour, sleep and self-care too. I want you to get your questions answered and your needs met as you are making a financial investment in me. We will come up with a plan that works for you and your baby guided by my expertise. There can be many approaches to similar problems so this plan will be specifically tailored to suit you. Included in your consultation is to follow up care where you can contact me anytime to raise a question or concern. I will also contact you to see how the plan is working for you within 1-2 days or as arranged. 

When you need a consultation, I’ll be there. Book here if you need me now.